Synonyms: Blé; Froment; Frumento; Grano; Trigo; Weizen.
Cyrillic synonym: Пшеница Мягкая.

💊 Chemical information

NOTE. Distinguish from Triticum, a synonym for Couch-grass.

💊 Profile

Wheat (Triticum spp., Poaceae) is a grass cultivated worldwide as a cereal crop. Common wheat (Triticum aestivum, (T. vulgare)) is the source of wheat germ and wheat-germ oil (below). Malted grain of wheat is used in the preparation of malt extract. Wheat is also used as a source of bran and starch. Wheat germ and wheat-germ oil are used in preparations for lesions of the skin and mucous membranes and as nutritional supplements.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Braz.: Dermocrem; Vagitrene; Canad.: Dermatix Fitocream; Ger.: Vulnostimulin; Ital.: Fitostimoline; Step 2; Turk.: Fito; Venez.: Derain; Gynoderain. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Amenite Plus†; Cicatul; Microlift; Fr.: Phytolongbronze; Ital.: Decon Ovuli; Fitostimoline; Sclerovis H; Solecin; Mex.: Fitoestimulina; Italdermol; Port.: Fitocreme; UK: S.P.H.P..
Published May 08, 2019.