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Brännässleblad (nettle leaf); Brennessel; Dilge˙liu lapai (nettle leaf); Kopřivový list (nettle leaf); Liść pokrzywy (nettle leaf); Nokkosenlehti (nettle leaf); Ortie; Ortie dioïque; Ortie, feuille d’ dioica; Urticae folium (nettle leaf).


In Ger. and US (both specify the root and rhizome of Urtica dioica). Eur. includes the leaf of Urtica spp. and also a form of Urtica dioica for homoeopathic preparations. Br. includes a form of Urtica urens for homeopathic preparations.

Ph. Eur. 6.2 (Nettle Leaf; Urticae Folium). The whole or cut dried leaves of Urtica dioica, Urtica urens, or a mixture of the 2 species. It contains a minimum of 0.3% for the sum of caffeoylmalic acid and chlorogenic acid expressed as chlorogenic acid (C 16 H 18 O 9 = 354.3), calculated on the dried basis.

Ph. Eur. 6.2 (Common Stinging Nettle for Homoeopathic Preparations). The whole, fresh, flowering plant of Urtica dioica. Protect from light.

BP 2008

(Urtica Urens Herb for Homeopathic Preparations ). Fresh leaves and flowers of Urtica urens. The plant produces an itchy, burning sensation.

USP 31

(Stinging Nettle). The dried roots and rhizomes of Urtica dioica (Urticaceae), and may contain Urtica urens, known in commerce as dwarf nettle, as a minor component. It contains not less than 0.8% of total amino acids, not less than 0.05% of sitosterol, and not less than 0.003% scopoletin (C 10 H 8 O 4 = 192.2), calculated on the dried basis. Store in airtight containers. Protect from light.

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Urtica (Urtica dioica) has been used in herbal medicine, mainly for urinary-tract and rheumatic disorders. Urtica urens has been used similarly.


Urtica has been used in homoeopathic medicines under the following names: Common stinging nettle; Urtica dioica; Urtica urens; Urt. u.

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Proprietary Preparations

Austria: Uro-POS; Braz.: Imuno Max; Cz.: Koprivovy Caj, Koprivova Nat; Zihlava†; Ger.: Arthrodynat N†; Asendra†; Azuprostat Urtica†; Bazoton; Flexal Brennessel; Hox Alpha; Natu-lind; Natu-prosta; Pro-Sabona Uno†; Prosta-Truw; Prostaforton; Prostagalen; Prostaherb N; Prostamed Urtica; Prostaneurin†; Prostata; Prostawern; Rheuma-Hek; Rheuma-Kapseln; Rheuma-Stada†; Serless†; Uro-POS; Urol pros; Urticaprostat uno†; Urtipret†; Urtivit; utk; Pol.: Prostaherb N; Urtix; Switz.: Valverde Prostate capsules. Multi-ingredient: Austral.: Cough Relief†; Extralife Flow-Care; HaemoRed Formula; Infant Tonic†; Irontona; Urapro†; Vitatona; Austria: Anaemodoron; Berggeist; Florissamin†; Florissamol†; Menodoron; Mentopin; Prostagutt; Prostatonin; Species Carvi comp†; Braz.: Prostem Plus; Canad.: Allercept†; Ultra Quercitin; Cz.: Abfuhr-Heilkrautertee†; Diabeticka Cajova Smes-Megadiabetin; Nephrosal†; Perospir†; Prostakan Forte; Prostatonin†; Pulmoran; Species Urologicae Planta; Stoffwechseltee N†; Fr.: Fitacnol†; Ger.: Combudoron; Presselin Nieren-Blasen K 3†; Prostagutt forte; Prostatin F†; Uvirgan N†; Vollmers praparierter gruner N; Winar†; Hong Kong: Calmiderm; Ital.: Biothymus DS; Pluvio; Prostaplant; Sebacnol†; Shamday Antiforfora†; Malaysia: Cleansa Plus†; Prostakan†; Mex.: Prosgutt; Pol.: Alliofil; Herbaton; Immunofort; Naturapia Prostata; Nefrobonisol; Seboren; Urofort; Rus.: Herbion Urtica (Гербион Уртика); Prostagutt Forte (Простагут Форте); S.Afr.: Combudoron; Enzian Anaemodoron Drops; Menodoron; Spain: Natusor Artilane†; Switz.: Combudoron; ProstaguttF; Prostatonin; The a l’avoine sauvage de Vollmer; Tisane Diuretique; Tisane pour les problemes de prostate; UK: Sinose.
Published May 08, 2019.