Trinitrophenol Chemical formula

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Carbazotic Acid; Kwas pikrynowy; Picric Acid; Picrinic Acid; Trinitrofenol. 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol.
Chemical formula: C6H3N3O7 = 229.1.
CAS — 88-89-1.


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Storage and hazards.

Trinitrophenol burns readily and explodes when heated rapidly or when subjected to percussion. For safety in handling, trinitrophenol is usually supplied mixed with not less than half its weight of water. It should be stored in a cool place. It must not be stored in glass-stoppered bottles. Trinitrophenol combines with metals to form salts, some of which are very explosive.

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Trinitrophenol has disinfectant properties and was formerly used in the treatment of burns. It is now chiefly used in manufacturing and as a laboratory reagent. Dermatitis, skin eruptions, severe itching, and yellow staining of the skin may occur after contact with trinitrophenol. Systemic toxicity may follow ingestion or absorption through the skin or lungs; symptoms may include vomiting, pain, and diarrhoea, progressing to haemolysis, hepatitis, anuria, convulsions, unconsciousness, and death. The metabolic rate is increased, causing pyrexia.


Trinitrophenol has been used in homoeopathic medicines.

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Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Chile: Agua Sulfatada Picrica; Spain: Oftalmol Ocular.
Published May 08, 2019.