Spearmint Oil


💊 Chemical information

Huile Essentielle de Menthe Crépue; Menta, aceite esencial de; Oleum Menthae Crispae; Oleum Menthae Viridis.


In Br. and Fr.

BP 2008

(Spearmint Oil). It is obtained by distillation from fresh flowering plants of Mentha spicata or Mentha × cardiaca. A clear colourless, pale yellow or greenish-yellow liquid when freshly distilled, visibly free from water and with the odour of spearmint. It becomes darker and viscous on keeping. It contains not less than 55% w/w of carvone. Soluble 1 in 1 of alcohol (80%) at 20°; the solution may become cloudy when diluted. Store at a temperature not exceeding 25° in well-filled containers. Protect from light.

💊 Profile

Spearmint oil has similar properties to peppermint oil and is used as a carminative and as a flavour. It is also used in aromatherapy.


Allergic contact cheilitis in a patient has been attributed to the spearmint oil present in tooth paste.1
1. Skrebova N, et al. Allergic contact cheilitis from spearmint oil. Contact Dermatitis 1998; 39: 35.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Austria: Euka; Chile: Polvos Alcalinos; Cz.: Parodontal F5†; Indon.: Listerine Coolmint; Ital.: Dentosan Azione Intensiva; Dentosan Mese; Philipp.: Listerine Coolmint; Switz.: Alvogyl; UK: Fre-bre; Profelan.
Published May 08, 2019.