Sparteine Sulfate

Sparteine Sulfate Chemical formula
Synonyms: Spart. Sulph.; Spartéine, Sulfate de; Sparteine Sulphate; (−)Sparteine Sulphate; l-Sparteine Sulphate; Sparteini Sulfas; Sparteinum Sulfuricum; Sulfato de esparteína. Dodecahydro7,14-methano-2H,6H-dipyrido[1,2a:1′,2′e][1,5]diazocine sulphate pentahydrate.
Cyrillic synonym: Спартеина Сульфат.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C15H26N2,H2SO4,5H2O = 422.5.
CAS — 90-39-1 (sparteine); 299-39-8 (anhydrous sparteine sulfate); 6160-12-9 (sparteine sulfate pentahydrate).
ATC — C01BA04.
ATC Vet — QC01BA04.


In Fr. and Viet.

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Sparteine sulfate is a salt of the dibasic alkaloid, sparteine, which is obtained from scoparium. Sparteine sulfate has been reported to lessen the irritability and conductivity of cardiac muscle and has been used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Small doses stimulate and large doses paralyse the autonomic ganglia. Peripherally, it has a fairly strong curare-like action, arresting respiration by paralysing the phrenic endings. The metabolic oxidation of sparteine exhibits genetic polymorphism and this property has been exploited in in-vitro screening tests to identify other drugs that may be subject to similar genetic variations in their metabolism.


Sparteine present in a herbal slimming preparation might cause adverse effects in slow metabolisers if excessive doses were ingested; pregnant women might be particularly at risk.1
1. Galloway JH, et al. Potentially hazardous compound in a herbal slimming remedy. Lancet 1992; 340: 179.

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Multi-ingredient: Braz.: Belacodid†.
Published May 08, 2019.