Rose Fruit


💊 Chemical information

Brier Fruit; Csipkerózsa áltermés; Cynorrhodon; Cynosbati Fructus; Cynosbati Pseudofructus; Dog Rose Fruits; Églantier; Erške˙čiu vaisiai; Escaramujo; Hips; Hypanthium Rosae; Nypon; Rosae Fructus; Rosae pseudo-fructus; Rose Hips; Ruusunmarja; Šípek.


In Eur. and Jpn.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Dog Rose). The rose hips made up by the receptacle and the remains of the dried sepals of Rosa canina, R. pendulina, and other Rosa spp., with the achenes removed. It contains not less than 0.3% of ascorbic acid, calculated with reference to the dried drug. Protect from light.

💊 Profile

The fruits of various Rosa species, in particular the dog rose, R. canina, are used as a source of vitamin C. Rose fruit is included in herbal preparations for constipation and urinary-tract disorders.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

UK: LitoZin. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Vitamina C-Complex; Austral.: Bio C; Bioglan Mega C; Bioglan Super Cal C; C Supa + Bioflavonoids†; Flavons; Glycyrrhiza Complex†; Plantiodine Plus†; Sustained Release C; Austria: Amersan; Chile: Calcio 520; Natursel-C; Reduc-Te; Romox-ARL; Cz.: Amersan; Bronchicum Hustensirup†; Prudušková; Stoffwechseltee N†; Ger.: Nephronorm med†; Ital.: Angiorex Complex; Golapiol C; Longevital; Nepiros; Sambuco (Specie Composta)†; Malaysia: Nat-C; Philipp.: Delrosa; Pol.: Cholesol; Diabetofort; Diges-Tonic; Echinasal; Sedomix; Tiliros; Rus.: Bronchicum Husten (Бронхикум Сироп от Кашля); Switz.: A Vogel Capsules polyvitaminees†; Tisane contre les refroidissements; Thai.: Nat-C Medicrafts; UK: GlucOsamax; Top C; USA: Amino-Opti-C; C Factors "1000" Plus; Ester-C Plus; Ester-C Plus Multi-Mineral; Venez.: Ro-C-Var.
Published May 08, 2019.