Red Cedar


💊 Chemical information

Eastern Red Cedar.
NOTE. Distinguish cedar wood oil, obtained from species of Juniperus virginiana, and cedar leaf oil, obtained from Thuja occidentalis.

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Red cedar, Juniperus virginiana (Cupressaceae), is the source of cedarwood oil (cedar wood oil; red cedar oil). The oil is used in perfumery and is included in preparations for nasal congestion and various skin disorders. It is also used in aromatherapy. Atlantic cedarwood oil (Atlas cedarwood oil) from Cedrus atlantica (Pinaceae) and oils from the wood of other species of Juniperus and Cedrus are used similarly. Cedarwood oil should be distinguished from cedar leaf oil, obtained from Thuja occidentalis.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Austria: Emser Nasensalbe; Wick Vaporub; Fr.: Vegebom; Ger.: Emser Nasensalbe N†; NZ: Vicks Vaporub; Port.: Betacade†; Swed.: Vicks Vaporub†; UK: No-Sor Vapour Rub.
Published February 17, 2019.