💊 Chemical information

Bitter Wood; Cuasia; Leño de Cuasia; Quassia Wood; Quassiae Lignum; Quassiaholz.
CAS — 76-78-8 (quassin); 76-77-7 (neoquassin).
ATC — P03AX04.
ATC Vet — QP53AX03.

💊 Profile

Quassia is the dried stem wood of Jamaica quassia, Picrasma excelsa (Aeschrion excelsa; Picraena excelsa) (Simaroubaceae), or of Surinam quassia, Quassia amara (Simaroubaceae). It has been used as a bitter. It was formerly given as an enema for the expulsion of threadworms and was applied for pediculosis. It may also be used as a flavour in food, drinks, and confectionery. Extracts of quassia or preparations containing its triterpenoid bitter principle quassin are used to denature alcohol.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Cuassicum Prevent 2 en 1; Picutex. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Aulo Repelente De Piojos; Cuassicum; Fuera Bicho; Uze Active; Yalu†; Braz.: Camomila; Fr.: Quintonine; Skin Nail; Ital.: Dekar 2; S.Afr.: Essens Amara of Groen Amara; Versterkdruppels; Switz.: Stomacine; UK: Sanderson’s Throat Specific.
Published May 08, 2019.