Pumilio Pine Oil


💊 Chemical information

Dwarf Pine Needle Oil; Dwarf Pine Oil; Essence de Pin de Montagne; Latschenöl; Oleum Pini Pumilionis; Olio di Mugo; Pin de montagne, huile essentielle de; Pini pumilionis aetheroleum; Pino mugo, aceite esencial de.
CAS — 8016-46-4.


In Eur..

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Dwarf Pine Oil). An essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the fresh leaves and twigs of Pinus mugo. A suitable antoxidant may be added. Relative density 0.857 to 0.868. A clear, colourless or pale yellow liquid. Store in inert, well-filled, airtight containers at a temperature not exceeding 25°. Protect from light.

💊 Profile

Pumilio pine oil is a volatile oil obtained by distillation from the fresh leaves of Pinus mugo var. pumilio (Pinaceae). It has been inhaled with steam, sometimes with other essential oils, to relieve cough and nasal congestion and has been applied externally as a rubefacient. It has also been used as a perfume. P. mugo is a source of pine needle oil.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Austral.: Biosal Arthritis; Biosal†; Goanna Heat Cream; Goanna Salve; Karvol†; Menalation†; Vicks Inhaler; Austria: Berggeist; Bronchostop; Colda; Emser Nasensalbe; Erkaltungsbalsam; Expectal-Balsam; Leukona-Rheuma-Bad; Luuf Balsam; Mentopin; Nasanal; Opino; Piniment; Cz.: Thrombocid; Transpulmin; Ger.: Aerosol Spitzner N†; Dolo-cyl; Em-eukal†; Emser Nasensalbe N†; Euflux; Franzbranntwein; Hevertopect N†; Klosterfrau Franzbranntwein Latschenkiefer; Nasentropfen-ratiopharm†; Ner-fluid S; polio-elan; Rosarthron†; Thrombocid; Gr.: Opino-jel; Irl.: Karvol; Israel: Karvol; Mentholatum Balm; Ital.: Altuss; Antipulmina†; Broncosedina; Pinedrin†; Pumilene Vapo; Malaysia: Purporent†; Neth.: Luuf Verkoudheidsbalsem; NZ: Vicks Inhaler; Port.: Thrombocid; Switz.: Eau-de-vie de France avec huile de pin nain du Tirol†; Eucapinol; Liberol Baby N; Liberol Bain†; Liberol N; Makaphyt Baume†; Pinimenthol†; Piniol Pommade Speciale†; Thrombocid; UK: Allens Pine & Honey; Karvol; Mentholatum Rub; Original Cabdrivers Expectorant; Potter’s Catarrh Pastilles.
Published May 08, 2019.