Pregnancy and Fertility Tests


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Pruebas de embarazo y de fertilidad.

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There are a number of kits available for simple pregnancy and fertility testing. A common method of detecting pregnancy is to use specific antibodies to measure the increase in chorionic gonadotrophin in the urine. The period of ovulation can be detected by measuring luteinising hormone excretion in similar ways. These tests can give false results. Those carrying out the tests should be aware of this and of problems such as contaminated specimens, drug therapy, or other factors that could affect the result.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: After 10†; Ahora Test†; B-Quick; Biofem Test; Evanol; Evaplan; Evatest; Gestatest†; Gravitest†; Mater Test; Nueve Lunas; Ovutest†; PG/53; Si o No†; Simple HCG; Tea Test; Very-Test†; Austral.: Answer†; Clearblue One Step†; Clearplan One Step†; Clearview HCG; Clinitek HCG†; Crystal Clear†; Discover Onestep; Discover Onestep Ovulation Prediction; Dotest†; Fortel†; Nimbus†; Ovuplan; Pregnosis; Braz.: Clearblue Easy; Detect Baby; Fertility Day; My Check†; Predictor; Canad.: Answer Now†; Clearblue; Clearplan; Confirm; Fact Plus; First Response; Simplicity†; Chile: Clear Blue; Clearplan†; Test Pack Plus†; Fr.: Babycheck-Plus; BB Test; Bluetest†; Clearblue test d’ovulation; Clearblue test de grossesse; Elle-Test; Emotion; G.Test†; Indicatest†; Predictor; Primastick; Primatime; Revelatest; Irl.: Omega 1-step; Testpack hCG-Urine; Today Ovulation Test; Uni-Gold hCG; Israel: Clearblue; Gravindex†; Predictor; Pregnosticon; Prepurex†; Ital.: Amuelle; Clearblue; Clearplan; Conferma 3 Plus; Confidelle Progress; Diagnosis; Gravitest Crual; Illa; Predictor; Jpn: Gonavislide; Mex.: Fertility Day; Intimide†; Pre-Baby; NZ: Cards HCG-Urine†; Clearblue; Clearplan; Crystal Clear; Discover One Step; LH Predict†; MDS Quick; Switz.: Clearblue; Clearplan; UK: Auratek hCG†; Calista; Check-Mate; Clearblue; Clearview HCG; Concept; Discover; Early Bird; Fertell; First Response; Neo-Planotest†; Ovuquick; Predictor; Pregnospia Duoclon†; Quick N Easy; Reveal; Test Pack Plus; USA: Advance; Answer; Clearblue Easy; Clearblue Easy Ovulation; Clearplan Easy†; Clearview HCG; Conceive Ovulation Predictor†; Conceive Pregnancy; ept Stick Test; Fact Plus; First Response; Fortel; Nimbus; OvuGen†; Ovukit†; Ovuquick†; Pregnosis; QTest; QTest Ovulation†; QuickVue; RapidVue; TestPack Plus hCG-Urine; UCG-Slide; Unistep hCG; Venez.: Clear Blue Easy†; Clear Plus Easy†.
Published May 08, 2019.