Synonyms: h5G1.1 scFv; h5G1.1 scFv (CDR); Pexélizumab; Pexelizumabum. Immunoglobulin, anti-(human complement C5 mouse monoclonal 5G1.1-SC chain).
Cyrillic synonym: Пекселизумаб.

Chemical information

CAS — 219685-93-5.


Pexelizumab is a recombinant humanised monoclonal antibody that acts as a complement blocker by inhibiting terminal complement activation at the C5 protein. It is under investigation for treatment of patients undergoing coronary artery reperfusion and revascularisation procedures.
1. Mahaffey KW, et al. Effect of pexelizumab on mortality in patients with acute myocardial infarction or undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery: a systematic overview. Am Heart J 2006; 152: 291–6
2. Armstrong PW, et al. APEX AMI Investigators. Pexelizumab for acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA 2007; 297: 43–51.
Published May 08, 2019.