Nafamostat Mesilate

Nafamostat Mesilate Chemical formula
Synonyms: FUT-175; Mesilato de nafamostat; Nafamostat, Mésilate de; Nafamostat Mesylate naphthyl p-guanidinobenzoate dimethanesulfonate.
Cyrillic synonym: Нафамостата Мезилат.

Chemical information

Chemical formula: C21H25N5O8S2 = 539.6.
CAS — 81525-10-2 (nafamostat); 82956-11-4 (nafamostat mesilate).


Like aprotinin nafamostat is a proteolytic enzyme inhibitor. The mesilate is used in the treatment of acute pancreatitis and disseminated intravascular coagulation, and as an anticoagulant in haemodialysis. Hyperkalaemia has been reported.
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Published May 08, 2019.