Muramidase Hydrochloride


💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: N-Acetylmuramide Glycanohydrolase Hydrochloride; E11051 Hydrochloride; Lysozyme Hydrochloride; Muramidasa, hidrocloruro de.
CAS — 9001-63-2 (muramidase); 9066-59-5 (muramidase hydrochloride).
ATC — D06BB07; J05AX02.
ATC Vet — QD06BB07; QJ05AX02.


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💊 Profile

Muramidase is a mucopolysaccharidase normally present in saliva and other tissues and secretions. It is active against Grampositive bacteria, possibly by transforming the insoluble polysaccharides of the cell wall to soluble mucopeptides. It is also thought to be active against some viruses and some Gramnegative bacteria. Muramidase has been given, usually as the hydrochloride, to patients with herpes zoster and other painful viral infections, and for mouth and respiratory-tract disorders. It has been used with antibacterials in an attempt to enhance their activity. Sensitivity reactions have been reported.

Adverse effects.

A report1 of a toxic epidermal necrolysis-type drug eruption in a patient who took an oral cold preparation containing muramidase chloride, which was considered to be the probable cause. The patient’s condition improved after intravenous corticosteroid therapy.
1. Kobayashi M, et al. A case of toxic epidermal necrolysis-type drug eruption induced by oral lysozyme chloride. J Dermatol 2000; 27: 401–4.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Belg.: Murazyme; Braz.: Murazyme†; Hong Kong: CP-Lyso; Eurozyme; Flemizyme; Jemizym†; Leftose; Lysosmin; Neuzym; Ital.: Immunozima†; Jpn: Leftose; Neuzym; Malaysia: Leftose†; Neuzym; Noflux; Singapore: Leftose; Lyzyme; Neuflo; Neuzyme; Thai.: Leftose. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Bim†; Gammanova†; Braz.: Colpistar; Tricomax; Trinotrex†; Cz.: Larypront†; Fr.: Cantalene; Glossithiase; Hexalyse; Lyso-6; Lysopaine; Ger.: Frubienzym; Gr.: Lyso-6; Lysopaine; Sopain-Plus; Hong Kong: Hexalyse; Quadezyme; Ital.: Narlisim; Port.: Narizima; Rus.: Hexalyse (Гексализ); Lysobact (Лизобакт); Singapore: Biotene; Spain: Egarone†; Espectral†; Lizipaina; Normo Nar†; Pulmotropic; Rino Dexa; Trofalgon; Switz.: Arbid-top; Gem; Lyso-6†; Lysopaine; Mebucasol f; Sangerol; Thai.: Siduol; UK: Biotene Dry Mouth; BioXtra†; USA: Biotene with Calcium.
Published May 08, 2019.