Mumps Skin Test Antigen


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USP 31

(Mumps Skin Test Antigen). A sterile suspension of formaldehyde-inactivated mumps virus prepared from the extraembryonic fluid of virus-infected chick embryos, concentrated and purified by differential centrifugation, and diluted with isotonic sodium chloride solution. It contains a preservative and glycine as a stabilising agent. Each mL contains not less than 20 complement-fixing units. It should be stored at 2° to 8°. The expiry date is not later than 18 months after date of manufacture or of release from manufacturer’s cold storage.

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Recovery from mumps produces skin hypersensitivity to mumps virus. Mumps skin test antigen, has been used with other antigens to assess the status of cell-mediated immunity. A positive reaction may indicate previous infection with mumps virus but it is not considered to be very reliable. It should not be given to patients hypersensitive to egg protein.

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USP 31: Mumps Skin Test Antigen.

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Published May 08, 2019.