Melaleuca Oil


💊 Chemical information

Australian Tea Tree Oil; Melaleuca, aceite de; Mélaleuca, huile essentielle de; Melaleucae aetheroleum; Melaleucae Etheroleum; Mirteniu eterinis aliejus; Oleum Melaleucae; Silice kajeputu střídavolistého; Tea Tree Oil; Teepuuöljy; Teträdolja.
CAS — 68647-73-4; 8022-72-8.


In Eur..

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Tea Tree Oil). The essential oil obtained by steam distillation from the foliage and terminal branchlets of Melaleuca alternifolia, M. linariifolia, M. dissitiflora, and/or other species of Melaleuca. It contains less than 7.0% aromadendrene, less than 15% cineole, 0.5 to 12.0% p-cymene, 0.5 to 4.0% limonene, 1.0 to 6.0% α-pinene, less than 3.5% sabinene, 5.0 to 13.0% α-terpinene, 10.0 to 28.0% γ-terpinene, minimum of 30% terpinen-4-ol, 1.5 to 8.0% α-terpineol, and 1.5 to 5.0% terpinolene. A clear, mobile, colourless to pale yellow liquid with a characteristic odour. Store in well-filled airtight containers at a temperature not exceeding 25°. Protect from light.

💊 Profile

Melaleuca oil has bactericidal and fungicidal properties and is used topically for various skin disorders. It is also used in aromatherapy.
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Proprietary Preparations

Austral.: Clean Skin Anti Acne; Rapaid Antiseptic†; Rapaid Itch Relief; Chile: Acnoxyl Gel Cuidado Intensivo†; Acnoxyl Gel De Limpieza†; Acnoxyl Stick Corrector†; Sebolic; Fr.: Myleuca; Israel: Burnshield; Malaysia: MOOV; Singapore: Rapaid†; UK: Burnshield Gel; Melavir. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Aveno; Austral.: Apex Repel Natural; APR Cream†; Clean Skin Face Wash; Curaderm†; Neutralice; Rapaid Rash-Relief; SP Cream†; VR†; Chile: Acnoxyl Abrasivo; Acnoxyl Gel Humectante; Acnoxyl Jabon Liquido; Acnoxyl Jabon†; Acnoxyl Locion Tonica; Acnoxyl Shampoo Cabello Graso†; Fr.: Cicatridine; Dermocica; Mycogel; Phytosquame; Squaphane P; Hong Kong: Mycogel; Ital.: Proctopure; Malaysia: T3 Acne; NZ: Apex Repel Natural; Electric Blue Headlice; Lice Blaster; Singapore: Burnaid; Rapaid†; T3; Tinasolve†; Thai.: Fungicon; Gynecon-T; UK: Dr Johnsons Nit & Lice; Sinose; Skin Clear; Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cream; Teenstick.
Published May 08, 2019.