Lysergide Chemical formula
Synonyms: Lisergida; Lisérgido; LSD; LSD25; Lysergic Acid Diethylamide; Lysergidum. (+)NN-Diethylthyl-4,6,6a,7,8,9-hexahydro-7-methylindolo[4,3fg]quinoline-9carboxamide.
Cyrillic synonym: Лизергид.

Chemical information

Chemical formula: C20H25N3O = 323.4.
CAS — 50-37-3.
NOTE. The following terms have been used as ‘street names’ or slang names for various forms of lysergide: 25; 25s; 100s; A; Acid; Acid tabs; Acido; Aeon flux; Alice; Alphabet; Angel tears; Angry paper; Animal; Barrels; Bart Simpson; Battery acid; Beast; Beavis & Butthead; Bells; Bevis & Butthead; Big D; Big daddy; Bird head; Birdhead; Black acid; Black star; Black sunshine; Black tabs; Blackbird; Blaze; Blotter; Blotter acid; Blotter cube; Blotters; Blue acid; Blue barrels; Blue chairs; Blue cheers; Blue fly; Blue heaven; Blue heavens; Blue microdot; Blue mist; Blue moons; Blue star; Blue tabs; Blue vials; Boomers; Brown bombers; Brown dots; Buvard; California sunshine; Cap; Caps; Casper the ghost; Caviar; Cheap basing; Cheers; Chief; Chinese dragons; Cid-drip the entertainer; Chocolate chips; Church; Cid; Class; Coffee; Colors; Comic book; Conductor; Contact lens; Crackers; Crystal; Crystal tea; Cube; Cupcakes; D; Deeda; Dental floss; Diablo; Dinosaurs; Domes; Dose; Doses; Dosure; Dots; Double dome; Dragon; DSL; El Cid; Electric Kool Aid; Ellis Day; Elvis; Eye Candy; Felix; Felix the Cat; Fields; Flash; Flashers; Flat blues; Flats; Flying triangle; Frogs; Fry; Gel; Gel caps; Gelatine squares; Geltab; Ghost; God’s flesh; Golden dragon; Golf balls; Goofy’s; Gooney birds; Grape parfait; Green double domes; Green single dome; Green single domes; Green wedge; Grey shields; Groovy lemon; Hats; Hawaiian sunshine; Hawk; Haze; Head light; Head lights; Headlights; Heaven; Heavenly; Heavenly blue; Illusions; Infinity; Instant zen; Jesus Christ acid; Kaliedescope; Keys to the kingdom; L; LAD; Lake Shore Drive; Laogor; Lason daga; Lason sa daga; Lavender; LBJ; Leary’s; Lenos; Lens; Lids; Lime acid; Little smoke; Live, Spit and Die; Logor; Loony Toons; LSD; LSD-25; Lucy; Lucy in the sky with diamonds; Magic Tickets; Mellow yellow; Mickey’s; Microdot; Microdots; Midnight Quinn; Mighty Quinn; Mikes; Mind blow; Mind detergent; Mist; Mister Natural; Monstre rouge; Monstre vert; Monterey Purple; Moons; Mother of God; Newspapers; One way; Oneway; Optical illusions; Orange ba; Orange barrels; Orange cubes; Orange haze; Orange micro; Orange sunshine; Orange wedges; Owsley; Owsley’s acid; Owsley’s blue dot; Ozzie’s stuff; Pane; Paper; Paper acid; Peace; Peace tablets; Peaks; Pearly gates; Pellets; Pepa; Phoenix; Pills; Pink blotters; Pink panther; Pink robots; Pink wedge; Pink wedges; Pink witche; Pink witches; Pizza; Potato; Pure love; Purple barrels; Purple dome; Purple dots; Purple flats; Purple gel tabs; Purple haze; Purple hearts; Purple mikes; Purple ozoline; Purple wedge; Pyramid; Pyramids; Rain Drops; Rainbow; Recycle; Red lips; Rips; Royal blues; Roz-rox; Russian sickles; Sacrament; Sandoz; Serenity; Sheets; Shields; Sherman; Sid; Smears; Smiley; Snowmen; South parks; Specks; Square dancing tickets; Squirrel; Stamp; Stanley’s stuff; Star; Strawberries; Strawberry; Strawberry fields; Sugar; Sugar cubes; Sugar lumps; Sunrise; Sunshine; Sunshine Acid; Superman; Syd; T; Tab; Tabs; Tail lights; Teddy bears; The Ghost; The Hawk; Ticket; Tickets; Ticket to ride; Timothy Leary; Timothy Leary Ticket; Trip; Trippers; Trips; Twenty-five; Uncle Sid; Uncle Sidney; Valley dolls; Vodka acid; Volcano 5; Vulcoes; Wafer; Waffles; Watercolors; Wedding bells; Wedge; Wedges; White dust; White lightning; White Owsley’s; Window glass; Window pane; Woodstock; Yellow; Yellow dimples; Yellow sunshine; Yellows; Ying Yang; Zen; Zig Zag man.


Lysergide was formerly used therapeutically but is now encountered as a drug of abuse for its hallucinogenic and psychedelic properties. There is considerable variation in individual reaction to lysergide. Disorders of visual perception are among the first and most constant reactions to lysergide. Subjects may be hypersensitive to sound. Extreme alterations of mood, depression, distortion of body image, depersonalisation, disorders of thought and time sense, and synaesthesia may be experienced. Anxiety, often amounting to panic, may occur (a ‘bad trip’). Duration of effects may last for up to 12 hours after ingestion, although hallucinations can sometimes last up to 48 hours and psychoses for up to 4 days. The effects of lysergide may recur months after ingestion of lysergide; the recurrence or ‘flashback’ may be spontaneous or induced by alcohol, other drugs, stress, or fatigue. The subjective effects of lysergide may be preceded or accompanied by somatic effects that are mainly sympathomimetic in nature and include mydriasis, tremor, hyperreflexia, hyperthermia, piloerection, muscle weakness, and ataxia. There may be nausea and vomiting and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Derangement of blood clotting mechanisms has been described. In addition, respiratory arrest, convulsions, and coma may result from overdoses. There is no evidence of fatal reactions to lysergide in man, although accidental deaths, suicides, and homicides have occurred during lysergide intoxication. Tolerance develops to the behavioural effects of lysergide after several days and may be lost over a similar period. There is crosstolerance between lysergide, mescaline, and psilocybine and psilocin, but not to amfetamine or to cannabis. Physical dependence on lysergide does not seem to occur.
Published May 08, 2019.