Chemical information



Lepromin is a suspension of killed Mycobacterium leprae prepared from the skin of heavily infected patients suffering from lepromatous leprosy (lepromin H) or from armadillo tissue infected with M. leprae (lepromin A). It is used in an intradermal skin test for the classification of leprosy and the assessment of immune responsiveness to M. leprae. The test is not diagnostic for leprosy. Leprolins are the soluble proteins of the bacilli with or without proteins of the lepra, not coagulated by heating, and do not elicit the early reaction. The Dharmendra antigen is neither a lepromin nor a leprolin and is used especially for testing the early reactions; it gives only a weak late reaction. Purified protein derivatives of Mycobacterium leprae, such as leprosin A,2 have also been developed.
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Published May 08, 2019.