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Br. includes dried lemon peel and Swiss includes fresh lemon peel.

BP 2008



Peel). The dried outer part of the pericarp of the ripe, or nearly ripe, fruit of Citrus limon. It contains not less than 2.5% v/w of volatile oil.

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Lemon, Citrus limon (Citrus limonum) (Rutaceae), is an ingredient of herbal remedies used for gastrointestinal disorders and as tonics. The juice is traditionally included in preparations for colds and coughs. Lemon is a source of bioflavonoids used to improve capillary function. The peel is the source of lemon oil. Citrus fruits are a source of vitamin C. Photosensitivity is associated with citrus oils.

💊 Preparations

BP 2008: Concentrated Compound Gentian Infusion; USNF 26: Lemon Tincture. Proprietary PreparationsMulti-ingredient: Austria: Gencydo; Braz.: Balsamo Branco; Ger.: Doppelherz Melissengeist†; Gencydo; Ital.: Altadrine; Port.: Erpecalm; Rus.: Doppelherz Melissa (Доппельгерц Мелисса); Switz.: Gencydo.
Published May 08, 2019.