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E322; E442 (ammonium phosphatides); Lécithine; Lecithinum; Lecitina; Lesitinler.


In Ger. Also in USNF.


(Lecithin). A complex mixture of acetone-insoluble phosphatides, which consists chiefly of phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl olamine, phosphatidyl serine, and phosphatidyl inositol, combined with various amounts of other substances such as triglycerides, fatty acids, and carbohydrates, as separated from the crude vegetable oil source. It contains not less than 50% of acetone-insoluble matter. The consistency of both natural grades and refined grades of lecithin may vary from plastic to fluid, depending upon the content of free fatty acid and oil, and upon the presence or absence of other diluents. Its colour varies from light yellow to brown, depending on the source, on crop variations, and on whether it is bleached or unbleached. It is odourless or has a characteristic, slight nutlike odour. It is partially soluble in water, but readily hydrates to form emulsions. The oil-free phosphatides are soluble in fatty acids, but are practically insoluble in fixed oils. When all phosphatide fractions are present, lecithin is partially soluble in alcohol and practically insoluble in acetone.

💊 Profile

Lecithin is an emulsifying and stabilising agent used in both the pharmaceutical and the food industries. Lecithin has also been used as a source of choline in the treatment of dementia but with little evidence of clinical benefit. Phosphatidyl serine has been used similarly. Other constituents of lecithin such as phosphatidyl olamine and phosphatidyl inositol may be found in natural pulmonary surfactants. Lecithin is also an ingredient of preparations promoted as tonics and dietary supplements in an enormous range of disorders.
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Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Herbaccion Lecitina; Reducin; Austral.: Buerlecithin; Austria: Buerlecithin Compact; Dermo WAS; Cz.: Buerlecithin†; Essentiale N†; Ger.: Buerlecithin; India: Essentiale-L; Indon.: Neurochol; Mex.: Leciderm; Pol.: Lecitan; Port.: Pansebase Solido†; Switz.: Buerlecithin Compact†; Venez.: Lecivar. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Ayton; Cholesterol Reducing Plan†; Herbaccion Memory; KLB6 Fruit Diet; No-Gras; Prueboi†; Sojasterol†; Top Life Diet†; Austral.: Berberis Complex; Bioglan Zellulean with Escin; Extralife ArthriCare; Extralife Extra-Brite; Extralife Liva-Care; ML 20†; Plantiodine Plus†; Austria: Bilatin; Buerlecithin; Lecikur; Canad.: Complex 15†; Kyolic 104†; Chile: Cartilago T-500; Cz.: Vita Buerlecithin†; Fr.: Cholegerol†; Ger.: Hicoton†; Lipidavit; Tears Again; Vita Buerlecithin†; Hong Kong: Apaisac; Ginkgo-PS†; Wari-Procomil; India: Livage; Indon.: BIO-EPL; Cholesvit; Curson; Epatin; Hepachol; Lanagogum; Lanaven Plus; Lesichol; Nutriflam; Verona; Ital.: Nutrigel†; Ottovis; Solecin; Tricortin; Malaysia: Livguard; Mex.: Lecifar-K†; Philipp.: Korgivit-E; Liverine; Memori Plus; Memory DD; Pol.: Lecigal†; Lecytyna E; Port.: Pansebase; Pansebase Composto; Secpel; Secpel Composto; Singapore: Ginkgo-PS; Switz.: Biovital Ginseng; Vita Buerlecithin; Thai.: Wari-Procomil†; UK: Kelp Plus 3; S.P.H.P.; USA: KLB6; Venez.: Lecivar Plus.
Published May 08, 2019.