💊 Chemical information

Banotu; Beleño; Bilsenkraut; Bolmört; Giusquiamo; Henbane; Hullukaali; Hyoscy.; Hyoscyami; Hyoscyami folium (hyoscyamus leaf); Jusquiame; Jusquiame Noire; Jusquiame noire, feuille de (hyoscyamus leaf); Meimendro.


Chin. specifies only the seeds. Eur. includes a form for homoeopathic preparations.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Hyoscyamus for Homoeopathic Preparations; Hyoscyamus Niger ad Praeparationes Homoeopathicas). The whole, fresh flowering plant of Hyoscyamus niger. Protect from light.

💊 Profile

Hyoscyamus contains the alkaloid hyoscyamine with varying amounts of hyoscine and has peripheral and central effects similar to those of atropine; its preparations have been used mainly for the relief of visceral spasm. The fresh whole flowering plant (Hyoscyamus niger) as well as the dried leaves have been used in herbal and medicine.


Hyoscyamus has been used in homoeopathic medicines under the following names: Hyoscyamus leaf; Hyoscyamus niger; Hyos. nig.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Austria: Kelosoft; Switz.: Kelosoft; Venez.: Atroveran. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Hepacur; Trixol†; Braz.: Dorveran†; Ductoveran; Espasmalgon†; MM Expectorante; Sedatux†; Denm.: Zink-Calmitol†; Fr.: Laccoderme a l’huile de cade; Ger.: Unguentum lymphaticum; Switz.: Cardiodoron†; Dragees S contre la toux†; Gouttes contre la toux "S"; Kelimed; Sirop pectoral contre la toux S; Sirop S contre la toux et la bronchite; UK: Onopordon Comp B; Venez.: Atrobel; Cloverin†; Cratex†; Linfoderm; Neo-Atropan†; Tropifen†.
Published May 08, 2019.