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542 (edible bone phosphate); Durapatite (USAN); Hidroxiapatito; Hydroxylapatite; Win-40350. Decacalcium dihydroxide hexakis(orthophosphate).
Chemical formula: 3Ca3(PO4)2,Ca(OH)2=1004.6; Ca54)3=502.3.
CAS — 1306-06-5.

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Hydroxyapatite is a natural mineral with composition similar to that of the mineral in bone. Hydroxyapatite for therapeutic purposes is prepared from bovine bone and contains, in addition to calcium and phosphate, trace elements, fluoride and other ions, proteins, and glycosaminoglycans. It is given orally to patients requiring both calcium and phosphorus supplementation. Hydroxyapatite with tricalcium phosphate has been used in bone grafts. Hydroxyapatite derived from marine coral has been used in the construction of orbital implants for use after surgical removal of the eye. A synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) is used for the correction of facial lipoatrophy in patients with HIV infection and as a cosmetic filler for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

Adverse effects.

Reference to problems associated with the use of coral-derived orbital implants1 and synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite.2
1. Shields CL, et al. Problems with the hydroxyapatite orbital implant: experience with 250 consecutive cases. Br J Ophthalmol 1994; 78: 702–6
2. Sankar V, McGuff HS. Foreign body reaction to calcium hydroxylapatite after lip augmentation. J Am Dent Assoc 2007; 138: 1093–96.


A mixture of calcium phosphates with calcium carbonate could be combined to form a paste which could be injected into acute fractures;1 under physiological conditions the paste hardened within minutes, due to the formation of dahllite, a carbonated apatite, and held the bones in place as it was progressively replaced by living bone.
1. Constantz BR, et al. Skeletal repair by in situ formation of the mineral phase of bone. Science 1995; 267: 1796–9.

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Proprietary Preparations

Austria: Ossopan; Osteogenon; Braz.: Ossopan; Cz.: Osteogenon; Fr.: Ossopan; Ger.: Calcibon; Endobon; Ossopan†; Hung.: Osteogenon; India: Ossopan; Indon.: Ossopan; Ossoral; Irl.: Ossopan; Ital.: Apagen; Mex.: Ossopan; Pol.: Ossopan; Osteogenon; Port.: Ossopan; Rus.: Osteogenon (Остеогенон); Singapore: Ossopan†; Spain: Ossopan; Osteopor; Switz.: Ossopan; Thai.: Ossopan; UK: Ossopan†; Osteo Support; USA: Radiesse. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Totalos Plus; Ger.: Collapat II; Malaysia: Supa Biocal Vitahealth†.
Published May 08, 2019.