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Glucosa, pruebas de.

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Several tests are available so that patients with diabetes mellitus can monitor their disease. Tests can be employed to detect the presence of glucose in the urine and some of the preparations are used to detect several substances in the urine. These tests are easy to carry out but are not considered reliable enough for insulin-dependent patients who should ideally check their blood-glucose concentrations using one of the available blood tests. Diabetic clinics often measure the degree of haemoglobin glycosylation as an indicator of mean blood-glucose control over a period of weeks or months. Urine tests generally use either the copper-reduction method or the glucose-oxidase method and both produce a colour change in the presence of glucose. Blood tests generally use the glucoseoxidase method; they may be read visually or by means of a meter. A meter gives the more precise reading. Patients should be properly trained in the use of these tests and in the interpretation of the results; they should be aware that concomitant drug therapy might affect the result.


Preparations that contain, or are metabolised to, maltose, galactose, or xylose may interfere with the results from glucose tests based on dehydrogenase pyrroloquinolinequinone (GDH-PQQ) monitoring systems as these are non-specific for glucose. Overestimation of glucose results may mask hypoglycaemia, resulting in the inappropriate use of insulin.1,2
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USP 31: Glucose Enzymatic Test Strip.

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Arg.: Accu-Chek; Accutrend Glucosa; Ascensia; Betachek; Dextrostix; Diabur-Test 5000†; Diastix; Elite; Glucostix; Glucotide†; Glucotrend†; Glukotest†; Haemo-Glukotest 20-800†; One Touch; Precision Plus; Prestige†; Sure Step; Austral.: Accu-Chek; Accutrend Glucose; Advantage†; Ascensia; Betachek†; BM-Test BG; BM-Test Glycemie 20-800; Clinistix; Clinitest; Diabur-Test 5000; Diascreen Glucose†; Diastix; Esprit; ExacTech†; Glucoflex-R†; Glucometer†; Glucostix; Medi-Test Glucose; MediSense SofTact†; Omnitest†; Optium†; Precision Plus†; Tes-Tape†; Braz.: Accu-Chek; Accutrend; Glico-Fita; Haemo-Glukotest; Canad.: Accu-Chek†; Accutrend GC†; Advantage; Ascensia Elite; Chemstrip uG; Clinistix; Clinitest; Diastix; One Touch; Sof-Tact; Chile: Accu-Chek; Accutrend Glucosa; Ascencia; Glukotest†; Fr.: Accu-Chek; Ascensia; BM-Test Glycemie†; Clinistix; Clinitest†; Euroflash; Glucomen; Glucotide†; Glucotrend†; Medisense; One Touch; India: Diastix; Irl.: Accu-Chek; BM-Accutest; BM-Test 1-44†; Clinistix; Clinitest; Combina Glucose; Diabur-Test 5000; Diastix; Freestyle; Glucomen; Glucometer Elite; Glucostix; Glucotide; Hypoguard†; Medisense†; One Touch; PocketScan; Ital.: Accu-Chek; Accutrend Glucose†; Ascensia; Clinistix; Clinitest; Diabur-Test 5000; Diastix; Euroflash; EZ Smart; Freestyle Papillon; Glucocard; Glucofilm†; Glucometer†; Glucosan†; Glucostix†; Glucotrend†; Glukurtest†; Haemoglukotest 20-800†; One Touch; Uni-Check; Mex.: Accu-Chek; Accutrend Glucose; Clinitest; Dextrostix; Diabur-Test 5000; Diastix; Gluco-Cinta†; Glucostix†; Glucotide†; Haemo-Glukotest 20800; NZ: Accu-Chek Advantage; Accutrend Glucose†; BM-Test 1-44†; Clinistix; Clinitest; Diabur-5000; Diastix; Glucocard†; Glucometer Elite†; Glucometer Esprit†; Glucostix†; Precision Plus†; Port.: Clinistix; Elite†; Euroflash†; Glucocard; Glucodisk; Glucostix; Glucotouch†; One Touch; UK: Ascensia Glucodisc; BM-Accutest; BM-Test 1-44; Breeze 2; Clinistix; Clinitest; Diabur-Test 5000; Diastix; ExacTech; Freestyle; Glucomen; Glucostix†; Glucotide†; Hypoguard Supreme Plus; Medi-Test Glucose; Medi-Test Glycaemie C†; Medisense; Optium Plus; USA: Accu-Chek Advantage; Chemstrip bG; Chemstrip uG; Choice DM; Clinistix; Clinitest; Diascan; Diastix; First Choice; Glucofilm; Glucostix; One Touch.
Published May 08, 2019.