Genistein Chemical formula

💊 Chemical information

CI-75610; Genisteol; Prunetol. 4′,5,7-Trihydroxyisoflavone; 5,7Dihydroxy-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one.
Chemical formula: C15H10O5 = 270.2.
CAS — 446-72-0.

💊 Profile

Genistein and daidzein are soya isoflavones. Genistein, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, is a phytoestrogen that has been tried for the relief of menopausal symptoms. It is also being investigated for its beneficial effect on blood lipids and for its proposed tumoursuppressing activity. Daidzein has been investigated similarly. Daidzein, mainly in the form of its glycoside daidzin, is a component of some herbal medicines traditionally used in the management of alcohol abuse.

Effects on the endocrine system.

For a suggestion that isoflavones in soya-based formulas may exert biological effects.


For a discussion of possible beneficial effects of soya isoflavones on blood lipids.

Menopausal disorders.

Soya isoflavones have been investigated for their oestrogen-modulating effects.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Sojadiol; Sojar Men; Tanvimil Isoflavonas; Braz.: Buona; Flavonil; Isoflavine; Menop; Soy 50; Soyfemme; Fr.: Flavonex; Inoclim; Hong Kong: Phyto Soya; Phyto-Care; Indon.: Calvonin; Promensil; Ital.: Soymen Gel; Mex.: Pausicaps†; Port.: Isogyn†; S.Afr.: Phytopause; Singapore: Isovon; Venez.: Climasoy. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Isaflavon; Sigmafen Free; Snella; Sojar Plus-Calcio; Sojasterol†; Canad.: Natural HRT; Fr.: Anacaps; Effia; Estrofort; Gynalpha Plus; Hong Kong: Caltrate + Soy; Palmetto Plus†; Phyto-Ease; Phytoestrin†; Indon.: Cal-95; Calosbon; Femosa; Hi-Bone; Isofem; Ital.: Apogeo; Climil Gel; Evestrel; Fitogenase; Rinnova; Port.: Afron†; Femnet†; S.Afr.: Phytopause BSF; Singapore: Caltrate + Soy; Palmetto Plus; Phytoestrin; UK: Aria; SoyPlus; USA: Better Cholesterol; Fosteum; Venez.: Calcibon D Soya.
Published May 08, 2019.