Synonyms: Agallas de roble; Aleppo Galls; Blue Galls; Duběnka; Galla; Galläpfel; Galls; Noix de Galle; Nutgall.
Cyrillic synonym: Чернильный Орешек.

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In Chin.

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Gall is the excrescences on the twigs of Quercus infectoria (Fagaceae), resulting from the stimulus given to the tissues of the young twigs by the development of the larvae of the gall-wasp, Adleria gallae-tinctoriae (Cynips gallae-tinctoriae) (Cynipidae). It contains about 50 to 70% of gallotannic acid. Gall is an astringent and has been used in ointments and suppositories for the treatment of haemorrhoids. It is a source of tannic acid.

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Spain: Litiax.
Published May 08, 2019.