Synonyms: Fibronectina.
Cyrillic synonym: Фибронектины.


Fibronectins are high molecular weight endogenous adhesive glycoproteins found in plasma and in the extracellular matrix. Plasma fibronectin was originally known as cold-insoluble globulin. Fibronectins are principally involved in cellular attachment and migration in normal physiological processes as well as in various malignant diseases. They have an important role in the function of the extracellular matrix, and in morphogenesis and tissue remodelling. They also play a part in aggregation of platelets, and are used in combinations with other blood products in wound-sealant preparations. Manipulation of the activity of fibronectins (for example with fibronectin inhibitors or fibronectin fragments) is being investigated in the treatment of connective tissue diseases, malignancies, and wound healing. Fibronectin itself has potential use as a research tool for the study of cell adhesion and migration processes.
1. Kaspar M, et al. Fibronectin as target for tumor therapy. Int J Cancer 2006; 118: 1331–9.


Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Tissucol Duo Quick†; Austral.: Tisseel Duo; Austria: Tissucol; Tissucol Duo Quick; Belg.: Tissucol Duo; Canad.: Tisseel; Cz.: Tissucol; Denm.: Tisseel Duo Quick; Fin.: Tisseel Duo Quick; Fr.: Tissucol; Ger.: Quixil; Tissucol Duo S; Tissucol-Kit; Hong Kong: Tisseel; Hung.: Tissucol-Kit; Israel: Tisseel; Ital.: Quixil; Mex.: Tissucol†; Neth.: Quixil; Tissucol; Tissucol Duo; Spain: Tissucol Duo; Swed.: Tisseel Duo Quick; Switz.: Tissucol; Tissucol Duo S; UK: Tisseel.
Published May 08, 2019.