Ethylenediamine Chemical formula
Synonyms: Edamine (USAN, pINN); Edamina; Édamine; Edaminum; Ethylendiamin; Ethylendiaminum; Éthylènediamine; Ethylenediaminum; Etilén-diamin; Etilendiaminas; Etyleenidiamiini; Etylendiamin; Etylenodiamina.
Cyrillic synonym: Эдамин.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C2H8N2 = 60.10.
CAS — 107-15-3 (anhydrous ethylenediamine); 6780-138 (ethylenediamine monohydrate).


In Eur., Jpn, and US.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Ethylenediamine). A clear, colourless or slightly yellow, hygroscopic liquid. On exposure to air, white fumes are evolved. On heating it evaporates completely. Miscible with water and with alcohol. Store in airtight containers. Protect from light.

USP 31

(Ethylenediamine). A clear, colourless or only slightly yellow liquid having an ammonia-like odour. It is strongly alkaline and may readily absorb carbon dioxide from the air to form a non-volatile carbonate. Miscible with water and with alcohol. Store in well-filled, airtight, glass containers.

💊 Adverse Effects

Ethylenediamine is irritant to the skin and to mucous membranes. Severe exfoliative dermatitis has been reported after systemic use of preparations containing ethylenediamine. Hypersensitivity reactions are common. Concentrated solutions cause skin burns. Headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting have also been reported after exposure to fumes. Ethylenediamine splashed onto the skin or eyes should be removed by flooding with water for a prolonged period.


A review of allergy to ethylenediamine and aminophylline.1
1. Anonymous. Allergy to aminophylline. Lancet 1984; ii : 1192–3.

💊 Precautions

Skin reactions may occur in patients given aminophylline after they have become sensitised to ethylenediamine. Cross-sensitivity with edetic acid and with some antihistamines has been reported.


It was reported that some topical corticosteroid creams, including Tri-Adcortyl in the UK,1 and Kenacomb, Halcicomb, and Viaderm in Canada,2 contained ethylenediamine and could cause unexpected cross-sensitivity reactions with piperazine1 or aminophylline.2
1. Wright S, Harman RRM. Ethylenediamine and piperazine sensitivity. BMJ 1983; 287: 463–4
2. Hogan DJ. Excipients in topical corticosteroid preparations in Canada. Can Med Assoc J 1989; 141: 1032.

💊 Uses and Administration

Ethylenediamine or ethylenediamine hydrate forms a stable mixture with theophylline to produce aminophylline or aminophylline hydrate. Ethylenediamine is widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and as an ingredient of some topical creams.
Published May 08, 2019.