Ethyl Nitrite

Ethyl Nitrite Chemical formula
Synonyms: Nitrous Acid Ethyl Ester; Nitrous Ether.
Cyrillic synonym: Этилнитрит.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C2H5NO2 = 75.07.
CAS — 109-95-5.
NOTE. Do not confuse with O-nitrosoethanol, a substance that has been referred to in the literature as ‘ethyl nitrite gas’.

💊 Profile

Ethyl nitrite has vasodilator effects similar to other volatile nitrites. Alcoholic solutions of ethyl nitrite (Ethyl Nitrite Spirit; Nitrous Ether Spirit; Sweet Nitre Spirit; Sp. Aether. Nitros.) have been used as a diaphoretic in the treatment of colds and fevers. Despite treatment with methylthionium chloride 1 infant died.1
1. Chilcote RR, et al. Sudden death in an infant from methemoglobinemia after administration of “sweet spirits of nitre”. Pediatrics 1977; 59: 280–2.

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