Dried Calcium Sulfate


💊 Chemical information

Calcii Sulfas Hemihydricus; Calcined Gypsum; Calcium Sulfuricum ad Usum Chirurgicum; Calcium Sulphuricum Ustum; Dried Calcium Sulphate; Exsiccated Calcium Sulphate; Gebrannter Gips; Gêsso; Gypsum Siccatum; Plaster of Paris; Plâtre Cuit; Síran vápenatý hemihydrát; Sulfato cálcico anhidro; Sulphate of Lime; Ye s o B l a n c o.
Chemical formula: CaSO4, H2O = 145.1.
CAS — 10034-76-1 (calcium sulfate hemihydrate); 26499-65-0 (calcium sulfate hemihydrate).


In Br., Chin., Ger., Jpn, Pol., and Viet.

BP 2008

(Dried Calcium Sulphate). A white or almost white, odourless or almost odourless hygroscopic powder. It may contain suitable setting accelerators or decelerators. Slightly soluble in water; more soluble in dilute mineral acids; practically insoluble in alcohol. The BP gives Exsiccated Calcium Sulphate and Plaster of Paris as approved synonyms.

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Dried calcium sulfate is used for the preparation of Plaster of Paris Bandage, which is used for the immobilisation of limbs and fractures. It is also employed for making dental casts and has been used as a bone graft substitute.

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Proprietary Preparations

Fr.: Biplatrix.
Published February 02, 2019.