Diphenyl Chemical formula

Chemical information

Difenilo; E230; Phenylbenzene. Biphenyl.
Chemical formula: C12H10 = 154.2.
CAS — 92-52-4.


Diphenyl is fungistatic against a limited number of moulds and has been employed for impregnating the material used for wrapping citrus fruits.

Adverse effects.

Workers exposed to high concentrations of diphenyl (up to 128 mg/m3) developed toxic symptoms that included irritation of the throat and eyes, headache, nausea, diffuse abdominal pain, numbness, aching of limbs, and general fatigue.1 One of the workers, who also had somnolence, icterus, ascites, and oedema of the legs, died; at autopsy, the liver showed necrosis. Chronic hepatitis was reported in a woman exposed over a 25-year period to diphenyl in the paper used to pack citrus fruit.2
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Published May 08, 2019.