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US includes a liquid preparation.

USP 31

(Cranberry Liquid Preparation). The bright red juice derived from the fruits of Vaccinium macrocarpon or V. oxycoccos (Ericaceae). It contains no added substances and is for manufacturing purposes only. pH between 2.4 and 2.6. Store at 2° to 8°.

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Cranberry consists of the fruit of Vaccinium macrocarpon, the American cranberry or V. oxycoccus, the European cranberry. Cranberry juice has been reported to reduce the incidence of urinary-tract infections.


For a report of interactions between cranberry juice and warfarin.

Urinary-tract infections.

Cranberries and cranberry juice have been used widely for many years for both the prevention and treatment of urinary-tract infections. A systematic review1 of available data concluded that there was some evidence that cranberry juice for prevention may decrease the number of symptomatic urinary-tract infections in women over a 12 month period, particularly those with recurrent infections. However, evidence for efficacy in the elderly is inconclusive, and currently lacking in patients with neurogenic bladder. The authors recommended further controlled studies in all susceptible patient groups, and also into more acceptable dosage formulations. However, another such review2 assessing the effectiveness of cranberry for treatment concluded that there was no good quality evidence to suggest that it is effective.
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Arg.: Urosedac; Austral.: Uricleanse†; Canad.: Cran Max†; Fr.: Cys Control; Gyndelta; Ital.: Ivumir. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Uridon; Austral.: Bioglan Cranbiotic Super; Cranberry Complex; Extralife Uri-Care; Canad.: Cran-C†; Prostease; Hong Kong: Prostease; Pol.: Diabetosol; Urosept.
Published May 08, 2019.