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ATC — B02BC07; G04BX11.
ATC Vet — QB02BC07; QG04BX11.


US includes Bovine Acellular Dermal Matrix.

USP 31

(Bovine Acellular Dermal Matrix). A remodelable collagen scaffold derived from fetal or neonatal bovine skin. It is presented as a flat white sheet that is cut to size and hydrated in sterile saline solution prior to implantation. It is utilised as a structural scaffold in orthopaedic, neurosurgical, urogynaecological, dermatological, plastic, and other reconstructive procedures. The source fetal or neonatal bovine skin is mechanically and chemically processed to isolate the dermis and remove cells and cellular components. To prevent the transmission of infectious disease, the manufacturing process is validated to inactivate viruses potentially present in the source material. To prevent the spread of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, the source material is acquired from appropriate geographic locations. Store at 15° to 30°.

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Collagen is a fibrous protein component of mammalian connective tissue making up almost one third of the total body protein. Collagen, processed in a variety of ways, has been used in surgery as a haemostatic and as a repair and suture material. For cosmetic purposes it has been injected into the dermis to correct scars and other contour deformities of the skin. Collagen implants have been used to block tear outflow in the management of dry eye. Intraurethral administration of collagen has been used in the treatment of stress incontinence. There has also been interest in the use of collagen by mouth to suppress the inflammatory process in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and scleroderma. Elastin, another component of connective tissue, is an ingredient, often with collagen, of various topical preparations promoted for skin disorders.
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Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Covadenyl; Eurohair; Hidroplus CL; Medic-S†; Membracel†; Proteita†; Skinderm CL; Zyplast†; Austral.: Ionil Rinse; Zyderm; Zyplast; Canad.: Dermatix Catrix†; Chile: Artrimax; Fr.: Pangen; Ger.: Catrix; Colloss; Hemocol; Matricur; Medifome; Pangen†; Porcoll†; Promogran†; Surgicoll†; Tachotop N†; TissuCone; TissuFleece; TissuFoil; Tutoplast Dura; Tutoplast Fascia lata; Zyderm†; Zyplast†; Gr.: Gelfix; Hong Kong: Avitene†; Zyderm†; Zyplast†; Ital.: Alfagen†; Condress; Idroskin; Neopelle†; Skinat; Stimtes†; Mex.: Fibroquel; Neth.: Willospon Forte†; NZ: Contigen; Ionil Rinse†; Port.: Catrix†; Singapore: Articolase†; CosmoDerm; CosmoPlast; Zyderm†; Zyplast†; UK: Catrix†; Contigen; USA: Avitene; Hemotene†. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Amenite E†; Amenite Plus†; Aristaloe; Aspergun†; Celuvital†; Colageno + C; Collagen T2-Gag†; E-devit; Estri-Atlas; Fibracol Plus; Galenic Restaurador Capilar; Hidroplus Nieve†; Hidrosam; Hidrosam T; Lociherp Liposomas Antiage; Lociherp Liposomas Vitaminado; Medicreme; Puraloe Nutritivo; Rep-Cartil; Skinderm R; Totalos Plus; Turgent Colageno; Austral.: John Plunketts Protective Day Cream; John Plunketts Super Wrinkle Cream; Austria: TachoComb; Belg.: Duracoll; Chile: Acnoxyl Gel Humectante; Cz.: TachoComb†; Fr.: Collatamp G†; Promogran; Taido; Ger.: Collapat II; Integra†; Septocoll; TachoComb†; Targobone; Hong Kong: TachoComb; Hung.: TachoComb†; Indon.: Biolastin; Jointfit; Legreskin; OA Plus; Ital.: Artrodue; Biomineral 5-Alfa Shampoo; Emofix; Osteoclar; Promogran; Reumilase SD; Secril; Unidermo; Malaysia: Balance Elastin E†; Rus.: TachoComb (ТахоКомб); Singapore: Articolase (w/glucosamine); Seven Seas JointCare Max; Switz.: Gorgonium; Thai.: TachoComb†; UK: Collatamp EG; Jointace; JointCare Max; USA: PDP Liquid Protein; Venez.: Artrosamin.
Published May 01, 2019.