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In Chin., Eur., and Jpn.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Clove). The whole flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum (Eugenia caryophyllus), containing not less than 15% v/w of volatile oil, dried until they become reddish-brown, and with a characteristic aromatic odour. Protect from light. The BP 2008 directs that when Powdered Clove is prescribed or demanded, material containing not less than 12.0% v/w of essential oil shall be dispensed or supplied.

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Clove is a carminative and is used as a flavour. It is the source of clove oil (below). Clove and clove oil have been abused in the form of cigarettes.


Smoking of cigarettes composed of a mixture of tobacco and cloves is a habit that originated in Indonesia and has spread to the USA. There have been reports of severe and sometimes fatal respiratory illness related to smoking clove cigarettes and there is also evidence from animal studies that clove cigarette smoke and eugenol (the principal constituent of clove oil) have harmful pulmonary effects. The Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Medical Association considers that in addition to the hazards associated with smoking tobacco, clove cigarettes may also produce severe lung injury in certain susceptible individuals and could also induce pulmonary aspiration in healthy individuals due to diminution of the gag reflex produced by the local anaesthetic action of eugenol.1 The American Academy of Pediatrics has also alerted paediatricians in the USA to clove-cigarette smoking by young people and warned of the risks.2
1. American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs. Evaluation of the health hazard of clove cigarettes. JAMA 1988; 260: 3641–4
2. Committee on Substance Abuse. Hazards of clove cigarettes. Pediatrics 1991; 88: 395–6.

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Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Austria: Mariazeller; Braz.: Balsamo Branco; Cz.: Klosterfrau Melisana; Naturland Grosser Swedenbitter†; Stomatosan†; Ger.: Doppelherz Melissengeist†; Inconturina†; Melissengeist; Ital.: Biophase Shampoo; Promix†; Saugella Uomo; Port.: Midro†; Rus.: Doppelherz Melissa (Доппельгерц Мелисса); Maraslavin (Мараславин); Original Grosser Bittner Balsam (Оригинальный Большой Бальзам Биттнера); S.Afr.: Clairo; Melissengeist; Spiritus Contra Tussim Drops; Switz.: Alcoolat de Melisse†; Odontal; Tisane pour les problemes de prostate; UK: Melissa Comp.; Revitonil.
Published April 22, 2019.