Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Synonyms: Cannelier dit de ceylan (feuille de), huile essentielle de; Ceiloniniu cinamonu lapu eterinis aliejus; Ceyloni fahéjfalevél-olaj; Cinnamomi zeylanici folii aetheroleum; Cinnamomi Zeylanici Folii Etheroleum; Kanelbladolja, ceylonesisk; Kanelinlehtiöljy, Ceylonin; Ol. Cinnam. Fol; Silice listu skořicovníku cejlonského.
Cyrillic synonym: Коричное Масло Из Листьев.

💊 Chemical information


In Eur..

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Ceylon). The oil obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of C. zeylanicum (C. verum). It contains less than 3% of cinnamaldehyde, and 70 to 85% of eugenol. A clear, mobile, reddish brown to dark brown liquid, with a characteristic odour of eugenol. Store in well-filled airtight containers. Protect from light and heat.

💊 Profile

Cinnamon bark oil has properties and uses similar to those of cinnamon (above). It is also included in preparations for musculoskeletal and joint disorders and for respiratory-tract disorders. There have been a number of reports of hypersensitivity to cinnamaldehyde and other constituents of cinnamon oil. Cinnamon leaf oil has also been used, although the amounts of eugenol and cinnamaldehyde are different from the bark oil. Cinnamon bark or leaf oil is also used in aromatherapy.

💊 Preparations

BP 2008: Aromatic Cardamom Tincture; Compound Cardamom Tincture; Concentrated Cinnamon Water; Tolu-flavour Solution. Proprietary PreparationsMulti-ingredient: Austral.: Gartech; Austria: Tiger Balsam Rot; Braz.: Ovariusedan†; Canad.: Tiger Balm Red; Tiger Balm Ultra; Chile: Agua del Carmen; Agua Melisa Carminativa; Cz.: Amol; Tiger Balm Rot†; Fr.: Aromasol; Gouttes aux Essences; Resistim; Stomargil; Tigridol; Ger.: Amol Heilkrautergeist N; esto-gast; Melissengeist; Salviathymol N; Gr.: Tiger Balm; Hong Kong: Magesto; Hung.: Fagifor†; India: Bestozyme; Catazyme-P; Digeplex; Sensur; Vitazyme; Indon.: Corsabalm; Israel: Karvol; Ital.: Relaxcol; Valda Propoli; NZ: Karvol; Pol.: Amol; Argol Essenza Balsamica; Argol Grip; Argol Rheuma; Aromatol; Carmolis; Rus.: Efcamon (Эфкамон); S.Afr.: Enterodyne; Karvol; Singapore: Karvol; Spain: Depurativo Richelet; Switz.: Baume de Chine Temple of Heaven blanc; Carmol; Pirom; Sansilla; Spagyrom; Thai.: Magesto; Mesto-Of; UK: Slippery Elm Stomach Ta b l e t s .
Published April 11, 2019.