💊 Chemical information

Canela; Canela do Ceilão; Cannelle dite de ceylan; Ceylon Cinnamon; Ceylonzimt; Cinamonu tex; Cinnamon Bark; Fahéj; Kanel; Kaneli; Skořicovníková kůra; Zimt.


In Eur..

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Cinnamon). The dried bark of the shoots of coppiced trees of Cinnamomum zeylanicum containing not less than 1.2% v/w of essential oil. It has a characteristic, aromatic odour. Protect from light. The BP 2008 directs that when Powdered Cinnamon is prescribed or demanded, material containing not less than 1.0% v/w of essential oil shall be dispensed or supplied.

💊 Profile

Cinnamon is carminative and slightly astringent and is included in some preparations for gastrointestinal disorders. It is also used as a flavour. It is a source of cinnamon oil (below).

💊 Preparations

Ph. Eur.: Cinnamon Tincture; USNF 26: Compound Cardamom Tincture. Proprietary PreparationsMulti-ingredient: Austria: Brady’s-Magentropfen; China-Eisenwein; Mariazeller; Montana; Braz.: Balsamo Branco; Paratonico; Cz.: Blahungstee N†; Dr Theiss Rheuma Creme†; Dr Theiss Schwedenbitter; Klosterfrau Melisana; Magen- und Darmtee N†; Passedan; Fr.: Elixir Grez†; Quintonine; Ger.: Amara-Pascoe; Doppelherz Melissengeist†; Gastrosecur†; Majocarmin forte†; Melissengeist; Montana N; Schwedentrunk Elixier; Sedovent; India: Carmicide; Israel: Davilla; Ital.: Assenzio (Specie Composta)†; Biophase Shampoo; Dam; Jpn: The Guard Seichojo; Pol.: Reumpapai; Rus.: Doppelherz Melissa (Доппельгерц Мелисса); Himcolin (Химколин); S.Afr.: Melissengeist; Rooilavental; Spiritus Contra Tussim Drops; Spain: Agua del Carmen; Vigortonic; Switz.: Alcoolat de Melisse†; Baume†; Odontal; Tisane pour les problemes de prostate; Thai.: Carmicide†; Meloids; UK: Melissa Comp.; Venez.: Aftil.
Published April 07, 2019.