Synonyms: Chimotripsinas; α-Chymotrypsin; Chymotrypsine; Chymotrypsinum; Kimotripszin; Kymotrypsiini; Kymotrypsin; Quimotripsina.
Cyrillic synonym: Химотрипсин.

💊 Chemical information

CAS — 9004-07-3.
ATC — B06AA04; S01KX01.
ATC Vet — QB06AA04; QS01KX01.


In Chin., Eur., and US.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Chymotrypsin). A proteolytic enzyme obtained by the activation of chymotrypsinogen extracted from the pancreas of beef. It contains not less than 5 microkatals in each mg. A white or almost white, crystalline or amorphous powder; the amorphous form is hygroscopic. Sparingly soluble in water. A 1% solution in water has a pH of 3.0 to 5.0. Solutions have a maximum stability at pH 3 and a maximum activity at about pH 8. Store at 2° to 8° in airtight containers. Protect from light.

USP 31

(Chymotrypsin). A proteolytic enzyme crystallised from an extract of the pancreas gland of the ox, Bos taurus (Bovidae). It contains not less than 1000 USP units in each mg, calculated on the dried basis. A white to yellowish-white, crystalline or amorphous, odourless powder. An amount equivalent to 100 000 USP units is soluble in 10 mL of water and in 10 mL of sodium chloride 0.9%. Store in airtight containers at a temperature not exceeding 40°.

💊 Units

Various methods have been used to assay the potency of chymotrypsin. Ph. Eur. 6.2 expresses activity in terms of microkatals while USP 31 expresses in terms of USP units. Other units that may be encountered are FIP units, Armour units, and Denver (or Wallace or Wampole) units.

💊 Uses and Administration

Chymotrypsin is a proteolytic enzyme that has been used in ophthalmology for the dissection of the zonule of the lens, thus facil itating intracapsular cataract extraction and reducing trauma to the eye. For this purpose a solution of chymotrypsin in a sterile diluent such as sodium chloride 0.9% has been injected to irrigate the posterior chamber. Chymotrypsin has also been given, usually by mouth or topically, for its supposed action in reducing soft-tissue inflammation and oedema associated with surgery or traumatic injuries, and in patients suffering from upper respiratory-tract disorders. Hypersensitivity reactions have been reported.

💊 Preparations

USP 31: Chymotrypsin for Ophthalmic Solution.

Proprietary Preparations

Fr.: Alphacutanee†. Multi-ingredient: Austria: Wobenzym; Braz.: Parenzyme; Parenzyme Ampicilina; Parenzyme Analgesico; Parenzyme Tetraciclina; Thiomucase; Cz.: Wobe-Mugos†; Wobenzym; Ger.: Enzym-Wied†; Wobe-Mugos E†; Gr.: Chymoral; India: Alfapsin; Orthal Forte; Soluzyme; Ital.: Essen Enzimatico†; Mex.: Ochozim; Quimotrip; Ribotripsin; Wobe-Mugos; Wobenzym; Zimotris; Port.: Chimar; Rus.: Wobe-Mugos E (Вобэ-Мугос Е); Wobenzym (Вобэнзим); Spain: Bristaciclina Dental; Dertrase; Dosil Enzimatico; Doxiten Enzimatico; Quimodril; Venez.: Wobenzym N.
Published March 25, 2019.