Chrysoidine Hydrochloride Citrate


Chemical information

Crisoidina, hidrocloruro del citrato de. 4-Phenylazobenzene-1,3diamine hydrochloride citrate; Azobenzene-2,4-diamine hydrochloride citrate.
Chemical formula: C12H12N4,HCl,C6H8O7 = 440.8.


Chrysoidine hydrochloride citrate has been used as a dye but has been associated with tumours of the bladder.


The development of tumours of the urinary bladder in anglers was possibly associated with the use of chrysoidine hydrochloride (chrysoidine Y; CI Basic Orange 2; Colour Index No. 11270) for colouring the maggots used as bait.1-3
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Published March 21, 2019.