💊 Chemical information

CAS — 9012-54-8.

💊 Profile

Cellulase is a concentrate of cellulose-splitting (cellulolytic) enzymes derived from Aspergillus niger or other sources. It is used in food processing and has been given orally with other digestive enzymes for its supposed benefit in minor digestive disorders such as dyspepsia and flatulence. Hemicellulase has been given for similar purposes.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Fr.: Pancrelase; Rus.: Festal (Фестал). Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Arnol; Biletan Enzimatico; Biluen Enzimatico; Dom-Polienzim; Gastridin-E; Gastron Fuerte†; Pakinase; Pankreon Total; Polienzim; Austria: Arca-Enzym; Ora-Gallin; Belg.: Digestomen; Braz.: Dasc; Digecap-Zimatico; Digeplus; Essen; Sintozima; Canad.: Digesta; Chile: Onoton†; Hong Kong: Topase†; India: Dipep; Farizym; Ipental†; Panolase†; Indon.: Cotazym Forte; Ital.: Digestopan†; Essen Enzimatico†; Mex.: Dixiflen; Espaven Enzimatico; Ochozim; Onoton; Philipp.: SpasmoCanulase; Port.: Colerin-F; Espasmo Canulase; Fermetone Composto; Rus.: Ipental (Ипентал); S.Afr.: Spasmo-Canulase; Spain: Paidozim; Switz.: Spasmo-Canulase; Zymoplex†; Thai.: Sanzyme-S†; Turk.: Flaton; USA: Enzyme; Venez.: Stamyl.
Published February 23, 2019.