Cartilage and Cartilage Extracts


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Cartilage and Cartilage Extracts

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Preparations containing cartilage or cartilage extracts from various sources have been used in musculoskeletal and joint disorders and as nutritional supplements. A product derived from shark cartilage is under investigation as an antineoplastic.

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Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Car-ti-buron; Cartilade†; Cartilago Vital; Cartimax; Austral.: Cartilag; Indon.: Fellafit; Sharko Inside. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Arrumalon†; Car-ti buron flex; Cartiflex; Collagen T2-Gag†; CT1000; Rep-Cartil; Braz.: Rumalon†; Chile: Cartilago Compuesto†; Cartilago T-500; Rumalon; Fr.: Oligo-Yang†; Hong Kong: Cervusen; Hung.: Rumalon†.
Published February 11, 2019.