💊 Chemical information

Cardamomi; Cardamomo, fruto del.


In Br. and Jpn. Also in USNF.

BP 2008

(Cardamom Fruit). The dried, nearly ripe fruit of Elettaria cardamomum var. minuscula. Only the seeds are used in making preparations of cardamom and they are used immediately after removal from the fruit. The seeds should not be stored after removal from the fruit. They have a strongly aromatic odour and taste and contain not less than 4% v/w of volatile oil.


(Cardamom Seed). The dried ripe seed of Elettaria cardamomum (Zingiberaceae), recently removed from the capsule. Preserve against attack by insects.

💊 Profile

Preparations of cardamom are used as carminatives and as flavours. The seeds have culinary uses. Cardamom seeds are the source of cardamom oil (below).

💊 Preparations

USNF 26: Compound Cardamom Tincture. Proprietary PreparationsMulti-ingredient: Austral.: Peritone; Travelaide†; Austria: Mariazeller; Cz.: Dr Theiss Rheuma Creme†; Dr Theiss Schwedenbitter; Klosterfrau Melisana; Ger.: Gallexier; Montana N; Presselin Dyspeptikum†; Schwedentrunk Elixier; India: Carmicide; Pol.: Melisana Klosterfrau; Rus.: SuprimaBroncho (Суприма-бронхо); S.Afr.: Alma; Enterodyne; Helmontskruie; Spain: Digestovital†; Switz.: Stomacine; Thai.: Carmicide†; UK: Indian Brandee; Pegina.
Published February 07, 2019.