Synonyms: Blistering Beetle; Cantáridas; Cantharis; Insectes Coléoptères Hétéromères; Lytta; Méloides; Russian Flies; Spanish Fly.
Cyrillic synonym: Шпанские Мушки.

Adverse Effects

The adverse effects of cantharides are those of its active component, cantharidin, below.

Uses and Administration

Cantharides is the dried beetle Cantharis vesicatoria (Lytta vesicatoria) (Meloidae) or other spp., containing not less than 0.6% of cantharidin, which is a protective exudate produced by the beetles. The properties of cantharides are those of its active principle, cantharidin (below). Mylabris (Chinese blistering beetle; Chinese cantharides; Indian blistering beetle), the dried beetles of the species Mylabrus sidae (= M. phalerata), M. cichorii, and M. pustulator, has been used as a substitute for cantharides and as a source of cantharidin (see below) in the East.


Cantharides has been used in homoeopathic medicines under the following names: Cantharis; Lytta vesicatoria; Canthr.
Published February 05, 2019.