Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate


💊 Chemical information

Acid Calcium Phosphate; Calcium Dihydrogenphosphoricum; E341; Fosfato monocálcico; Monobasic Calcium Phosphate; Monocalcium Phosphate. Calcium tetrahydrogen diorthophosphate monohydrate.
Chemical formula: Ca(H2PO4)2,H2O = 252.1.
CAS — 7758-23-8 (anhydrous calcium dihydrogen phosphate).


In Jpn and Swiss.

💊 Profile

Calcium dihydrogen phosphate is used in fertilisers. It is also used as an antoxidant in baking powders and flours and as a source of calcium in some mineral supplement preparations.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Fr.: Phosphoneuros.
Published January 31, 2019.