Bufotenine Chemical formula
Synonyms: Bufotenin; Bufotenina; NN-Dimethylserotonin; 5-HydroxyNNdimethyltryptamine; Mappine. 3(2-Dimethylaminoethyl)indol-5ol.
Cyrillic synonym: Буфотенин.

Chemical information

Chemical formula: C12H16N2O = 204.3.
CAS — 487-93-4.


Bufotenine is an indole alkaloid obtained from the seeds and leaves of Piptadenia peregrina, from which the hallucinogenic snuff cohoba is prepared, and P. macrocarpa (Mimosaceae). It was first isolated from the skin glands of toads (Bufo spp.) and has also been isolated from species of Amanita (Agaricaceae). Bufotenine has serotonergic activity and is reported to have hallucinogenic properties. It has no therapeutic use.
Published January 28, 2019.