Synonyms: Black Thorn; Épine noir; Prugnolo; Prundlier; Schlehe; Schwarzdorn; Sloe.
Cyrillic synonym: Тёрн; Терновник.


The flowers of the blackthorn or sloe, Prunus spinosa (Rosaceae), are included in herbal preparations for constipation and urinary-tract disorders. The fruit (sloes) are used for mild inflammation of oral and pharyngeal mucosa. Prunus spinosa is used in homoeopathic medicine. Culinary uses of sloes include preserves and as a flavour in alcoholic beverages.


Proprietary Preparations

S.Afr.: Schlehen Elixir. Multi-ingredient: Ger.: Nasenbalsam; Nasenbalsam fur Kinder; S.Afr.: Lotio Pruni Comp cum Cupro; Switz.: Wala Baume nasal; Wala Baume nasal doux.
Published January 21, 2019.