Black Haw

Synonyms: American Sloe; Nanny Bush; Stag Bush.
Cyrillic synonym: Калина Сливолистная.

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The bark of black haw, Viburnum prunifolium (Adoxaceae) is claimed to have spasmolytic activity on uterine and other smooth muscle. It is included in herbal preparations for peripheral vascular disorders and menstrual disorders. The root bark is also used.

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Proprietary Preparations

Multi-ingredient: Braz.: Bromidrastina†; Gineburno†; Canad.: Thunas Tab for Menstrual Pain†; Fr.: Aphloine P; Climaxol; Jouvence de l’Abbe Soury; Phlebosedol†; Mex.: Reglosedyl†; Mon.: Fluon.
Published January 20, 2019.