💊 Chemical information

Bario; Baryum.
Ba = 137.327.
CAS — 7440-39-3.


Barium is a soft, highly reactive, silvery-white metal.

💊 Adverse Effects and Treatment

All barium salts that are wateror acid-soluble are very toxic. The symptoms of barium poisoning arise from stimulation of all forms of muscle and include vomiting, excess salivation, colic, diarrhoea, slow or irregular pulse, hypertension, dysarthria, confusion, dizziness, paraesthesias, vertigo, muscle tremors, seizures, muscular paralysis, and respiratory or metabolic acidosis. Hypokalaemia is common. Renal impairment due to barium poisoning has been reported. Death from cardiac or respiratory failure may occur. In acute poisoning, emptying the stomach by lavage is recommended if possible. Magnesium or sodium sulfate may be given to convert barium to insoluble barium sulfate. Hypokalaemia and metabolic acidosis should be corrected and ventilation assisted if necessary. Excretion may be increased by diuresis. Haemodialysis may be used in severe poisoning.
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💊 Uses and Administration

The soluble barium salts are not used in therapeutics but are widely used in industry. For the uses of barium chloride and barium hydroxide lime, see below. Barium sulfide has been used as a depilatory and barium carbonate was used as a rodenticide. The insoluble barium sulfate is used as a contrast medium.
Published January 07, 2019.