Azulene Chemical formula

💊 Chemical information

Atsuleeni; Azulen; Azuleno; Azulenum; Cyclopentacycloheptene.
Chemical formula: C10H8 = 128.2.
CAS — 275-51-4.
NOTE. The name ‘Azulene’ has also been used for a number of derivatives of azulene including azulene sodium sulfonate, chamazulene, guaiazulene, and sodium gualenate.

💊 Profile

Azulene has been used in preparations for anorectal and skin disorders, and for oral hygiene. The sodium sulfonate salt has been used in preparations for mouth and throat disorders and for dyspepsia; sodium gualenate has also been used in gastrointestinal disorders.


Allergic cheilitis occurred in a patient after long-term use of a toothpaste containing azulene.1
1. Balato N, et al. Allergic cheilitis to azulene. Contact Dermatitis 1985; 13: 39–40.

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Proprietary Preparations

Hong Kong: Azunol†; Israel: Kamil Blue; Jpn: Azunol. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Domuderm; Ninderm; Austria: Emser Nasensalbe; Braz.: Eritrex A; Proctosan; Ger.: Emser Nasensalbe N†; Israel: Kamil Blue; Ital.: AZ 15.
Published January 05, 2019.