💊 Chemical information

Aven; Cultivated White Oats; Oatmeal; Oats.


US includes colloidal oatmeal.

USP 31

(Colloidal Oatmeal). The powder resulting from the grinding and further processing of whole oat grain. When dried at 120° for 4 hours it loses not more than 10% of its weight.

💊 Profile

Avena is the grain of Avena sativa (Gramineae). It is used in herbal medicine and is reputed to have sedative activity. A colloidal fraction extracted from avena is used in the preparation of emollient dermatological preparations. Whether avenin, a protein present in oats, is harmful to patients with coeliac disease is controversial.


Avena has been used in homoeopathic medicines under the following names: Avena sativa; Avena e planta tota; Aven. sat.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Dermopan; Austral.: DermaVeen Bath; DermaVeen Dry Skin; Canad.: Aveeno Preparations; Life Brand Soothing Bath Treatment; Fr.: Sensifluid; Hong Kong: DermaVeen; Israel: Nutrasoothe†; Ital.: Avalon; Aveeno Preparations; Emulave; Micaveen; NZ: DermaVeen; Port.: Aveeno Preparations; Emulave; Singapore: DermaVeen Bath; DermaVeen Dry Skin; DermaVeen Moisturising; DermaVeen Oatmeal Shampoo; DermaVeen Soap Free; Switz.: Avenaforce†; UK: Aveeno Preparations; USA: ActiBath. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Aveno; Cholesterol Reducing Plan†; Dermalibour; Epithelial†; Epitheliale A-Derma; Epitheliale AH; Exomega; Purasoft; Valeriana Oligoplex; Austral.: Avena Complex; Bioglan The Blue One; Calmo; DermaVeen Moisturising; DermaVeen Shower & Bath; Dong Quai Complex; Glycyrrhiza Complex†; Pacifenity†; Panax Complex†; Chile: Fucus Compuesto†; Homeofortin III†; Cz.: Valofyt Neo; Fr.: A-Derma Lait Solaire; Biocarde; Cytelium; Derm’Intim; Dermalibour; Epitheliale; Eryase; Exomega; Gonaxine; Menoxine; Septalibour†; Ger.: Requiesan; Vollmers praparierter gruner N; Hong Kong: Aderma Dermalibour†; Aderma Epitheliale†; Aderma Exomega†; Aderma Ultra High Protection†; Indon.: Menolia; Ital.: Acnaveen†; Altadrine; Mex.: Aveendix; Bonaven; Suavene; Pol.: Sedomix; Port.: D’Aveia†; Micaveen; S.Afr.: Avena Sativa Comp; Singapore: DermaVeen Acne†; DermaVeen Shower & Bath; Switz.: Mucilar Avena; The a l’avoine sauvage de Vollmer; UK: Avena Sativa Comp; Daily Overwork & Mental Fatigue Relief; Daily Tension & Strain Relief; USA: Aveeno Cleansing Bar; Venez.: Avensyl; Bonaven; Cytelium; Dagenol; Dermopan; Epitheliale AH; Fiberfull; Fibralax†.
Published January 02, 2019.