Aluminium Acetate


💊 Chemical information

Aluminio, acetato de; Aluminum Acetate.
Chemical formula: C6H9AlO6 = 204.1.
CAS — 139-12-8.

💊 Profile

Aluminium acetate is prepared from aluminium sulfate and acetic acid. Solutions containing aluminium acetate are astringent. Ear drops, which correspond to a solution of aluminium acetotartrate in that they are prepared from aluminium sulfate with the aid of acetic acid and tartaric acid, reduce oedema and inflammation of the ear in conditions such as otitis externa by producing an acidic environment hostile to pathogenic bacteria; they are also hygroscopic. Solutions, usually prepared from glacial acetic acid and an aluminum subacetate topical solution (which is itself prepared from aluminium sulfate and acetic acid), have also been used in dermatology as astringent lotions for irritating skin conditions. Various preparations containing aluminium acetate have been known as Burow’s creams, emulsions, lotions, or solutions. Aluminium acetotartrate and aluminium subacetate (basic aluminium acetate) are also used as topical astringents.

💊 Preparations

BP 2008: Aluminium Acetate Ear Drops; USP 31: Aluminum Subacetate Topical Solution.

Proprietary Preparations

Canad.: Buro-Sol; Ger.: Alsol; Alsol N†; Alsol†; Essigsaure Tonerde-Salbe; Essitol; Hung.: Alsol; Pol.: Altacet; Altix; Switz.: Euceta; USA: Bite Rx; Buro-Sol†; Venez.: Acid Mantle. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Aseptalum†; Epiprocto; Austral.: Xyloproct; Austria: Acetonal; Euceta mit Kamille; Methyment; Nasanal; Braz.: Xyloproct; Fin.: Xyloproct†; Fr.: Gel a l’Acetotartrate d’Alumine Defresne†; Ger.: Anisan†; Hong Kong: Haemoral; Indon.: Haemocaine; Irl.: Xyloproct; Israel: Proctozorin-N; Ital.: Betaderm; Micofoot; Oleo Calcarea†; Vegetallumina; Malaysia: Xyloproct; Mex.: Dermanol; Litiset; Xyloproct Plus; Norw.: Xyloproct; NZ: Xyloproct; Pol.: Kamagel; Port.: Proctonostrum†; Spain: Avril; Swed.: Xyloproct; Switz.: Anginesin†; Euceta avec camomille et arnica; Euceta Pic; Fortacet; Frigoplasma†; Fungex; Leucen; Mikutan N; Realderm; Topaceta; Turk.: Hemoralgine; UK: Xyloproct; USA: Borofair Otic; Burow’s; Otic Domeboro; Star-Otic.
Published December 05, 2018.