Ademetionine Chemical formula
Synonyms: Ademethionine; Ademetioniini; Adémétionin; Ademetionin; Ademetionina; Ademetioninum; S-Adenosylthioninyl adenylate; SAMe. (S)-5′-[(3-Amino-3-carboxypropyl)methylsulphonio]-5′-deoxyadenosine hydroxide, inner salt.
Cyrillic synonym: Адеметионин.

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Chemical formula: C15H22N6O5S = 398.4.
CAS — 29908-03-0; 485-80-3; 17176-17-9.
ATC — A16AA02.
ATC Vet — QA16AA02.

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Ademetionine is a naturally occurring molecule found in virtually all body tissues and fluids. It acts as a methyl group donor in many transmethylation reactions and therefore is involved in the synthesis or metabolism of a wide range of compounds that maintain normal cell function. Ademetionine sulfate tosilate and ademetionine butanedisulfonate are stable forms of ademetionine that have been used for the treatment of depression (see below), liver disorders, and osteoarthritis.
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Ademetionine has been given orally or parenterally in the management of depression. It appears to be of similar efficacy to the tricyclic antidepressants but evidence is limited to small, heterogeneous groups of patients studied over short periods of time; additionally many studies have involved parenteral rather than oral therapy.
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Liver disorders.

Some workers have found that ademetionine produced clinical improvement in patients with intrahepatic cholestasis,1,2 including that associated with pregnancy.3,4 Pruritus associated with the condition has also been relieved. Other studies,5,6 however, have not found any benefit. Ademetionine produced a good or excellent clinical response in patients with hepatic steatosis.7 In a study8 of patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis, treated with ademetionine for 2 years, there was a trend towards reduced overall mortality or need for liver transplantation, but only in patients with less severe hepatic dysfunction. However, a systematic review9 of 9 randomised placebo-controlled studies, which included the latter study could not find evidence to support or refute the claim that ademetionine has a beneficial effect in patients with alcoholic liver diseases, and larger high quality randomised placebo-controlled studies are needed.
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Ademetionine has been reported to possess therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of osteoarthritis and similar conditions, possibly due to an effect on cartilage metabolism and formation of anti-inflammatory mediators within the cell; it may also inhibit leukotrienes but does not appear markedly to interfere with prostaglandin synthesis.
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Arg.: Transmetil†; Tunik; Austral.: MoodLift†; Cz.: Transmet il ; Ger.: Gumbaral; Ital.: Donamet; Isimet†; Samyr; Transmetil; Mex.: Samyr; Rus.: Heptor (Гептор); Heptral (Гептрал); Spain: S Amet†. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Tunik B12.
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