Actinoquinol Sodium

Actinoquinol Sodium Chemical formula
Synonyms: Actinoquinol sódico; Actinoquinol Sodique; Natrii Actinoquinolum; Sodium Etoquinol; Sodium Tequinol. Sodium 8-ethoxy-5quinolinesulfonate.
Cyrillic synonym: Натрий Актинохинол.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C11H10NNaO4S = 275.3.
CAS — 15301-40-3 (actinoquinol); 7246-07-3 (actinoquinol sodium).

💊 Profile

Actinoquinol and actinoquinol sodium are ingredients of eye drop preparations intended to protect the eyes from the effects of light.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Austria: Ultra Augenschutz. Multi-ingredient: Fr.: Uvicol; Ger.: duraultra; Ital.: Fotofil.
Published October 29, 2018.